Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily $200 Fantasy Football Auction team -- Bye week Experiment #7 -- Week 10

Week 10 offers probably the most balanced options of all the bye weeks.  Solid QB's, solid RB's and solid WR's.  You can go with a value pick at QB with Rivers, and get Grant and Matthews at RB, or take a Brees/Rodgers at QB and go with Pierre Thomas at RB.  Also solid upper tier and value WR's:

QB:     A.Rodgers  $44    Also Avail:  Brees $51, Rivers $20
RB:      R. Grant    $40
RB:      R. Matthews $27  Also Avail:  Bush $10
WR/RB:  P. Thomas $20
WR:     G. Jennings $25
WR:     M. Colston  $24   Also Avail:  V. Jackson $15
TE:       J. Finley      $12    Also Avail:  A. Gates $17
DEF:    Packers       $1
K:        Kaeding       $1

Week 10 bye teams:  Chargers, Packes, Saints, Raiders

Only $6 to fill your bench, but a solid, balanced team!

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