Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily $200 Fantasy Football Auction team -- Bye week Experiment #6 -- Week 9

If you're going for an All-Bye-Week-9, you will have to take some risks.  Week 9 is all Running Backs, all the time.  There is a scarcity of good WR's with week-9 byes, and you will have to take some risk at QB as well.  Here we go:

QB:     V. Young           $3  Also available:  D. McNabb $5, A. Smith $3, T. Tebow $2
RB:     M.Jones-Drew    $65
RB:     F. Gore               $58  Also available:  C. Johnson $71, S. Jackson $60, K. Moreno $29
RB/WR:  C. Portis         $10
WR:    M. Crabtree       $17
WR:    M. Sims-Walker $18
TE:     V. Davis              $16
DEF:   49ers                  $1
K:       Bironas               $1

Week 9 bye teams:  Titans, Jaguars, 49ers, Redskins, Rams, Broncos

Only $11 left for you bench, but your RB situation is strong!

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