Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 1: A Win and a huge Loss

Week 1 is in the books.  I was able to pull out a W, but I lost my best player, and the only player I was able to draft before my computer shat the bed.  Ryan Grant is now out for the season.  So my choices are:  use most of my free agent budget to pick up Brandon Jackson, leaving me little extra money to make moves the entire rest of the season, or let someone else get a stud RB to fill out their team.  Just thinking about what this season has become makes me want to throw up.  Not to mention the fact that I was willing to pay $20 for Arian Foster, but instead he went to someone else for $6.  It's no wonder baseball is my game.  I am cursed when it comes to football. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not so bad off afterall...

So after my embarrasing showing at the draft, I've been able to make a few moves, and grab a couple guys off of waivers so that I feel a lot better about my team.  I used some of my depth at WR and TE to fill a couple holes, and now I'm not feeling so bad.  This is a 12 team league with standard ESPN scoring.

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Ryan Grant
RB: Ronnie Brown
WR/RB: Beanie Wells
WR: Percy Harvin
WR: Steve Smith NYG
TE: Dallas Clark $10
DEF: Jets D $4
K: Ryan Longwell $1

BN: Hines Ward
BN: Ricky Williams
BN: Visanthe Shiancoe
BN: Sammy Morris
BN: Mohammed Massaquoi
BN: Laurent Robinson

So I've kept some pretty good depth at WR and improved my QB and RB situation.  Not saying I have the best team in the league, but I think I can definately do some damage.  Also, we have a $100 waiver budget for the season, and I was able to add depth cheap.  Should be an interesting season.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rookie mistakes...

Alright... this is embarrasing.  I was hoping to write today about the awesome, studley, well planned, over researched fantasy team from last nights auction draft.  All the mock drafts I've done.  My spreadsheets with all the possible value combinations... all wasted.  The bar where a bunch of the league was drafting from hated my computer... or my computer hated it.  Every time I tried to bid, I lost my connection.  Everytime I tried to log in and set to auto draft, I lost my connection.  After about pick 15, I was able to set auto draft, and then I raced home to find the draft almost done.  In between all the madness, I was able to get a winning bid in on Ryan Grant.  So here is my team as drafted:

QB:     Eli Manning              $1
RB:     Ryan Grant               $42 <-- only player I was able to bid on
RB:     Ronnie Brown          $17
WR/RB:  Ricky Williams     $11
WR:    Steve Smith Car       $26
WR:    Steve Smith NYG     $20
TE:      Dallas Clark             $10
DEF:   Jets D                       $4
K:       Ryan Longwell          $1

BN:    Hines Ward               $14
BN:    Percy Harvin              $12
BN:    Micheal Crabtree       $15
BN:    Mike Sims-Walker     $15
BN:    Antonio Gates           $11
BN:    Adrian Peterson         $1 <-- Had on nominate list to thow people off, but got stuck with the "other" AP

So, lesson learned kids.  Even if you plan on being at the draft... always set your auction values before hand, because you never know.  Overall, not a bad autodraft... extremely deep at WR.  Arguably the best TE tandem (one of these guys will be traded for better RB/QB), and solid DEF and K considering.  We'll see what happens... plenty of trade requests out there to better balance out the offense.  Can't believe I blew the draft, but who knows, maybe I'll be better off.