Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily $200 Fantasy Football Auction team -- Bye week Experiment #1 -- Week 4

Some people like to stack their Fantasy Football teams based on bye weeks.  If you are one of those people that like to try to get as many players on the same bye as possible, a plan that gives you a good shot of going 6-1, or 5-2 during weeks 4-10, you will like the next 6 posts!  I will post ultimate $200 Auction teams based on all 9 starters with the same bye week.  (Only the starters will have this bye week, and the bench will be drafted as the best depth available).  This may sound a little crazy, but it works:

Bye Week #1 (Week 4):

QB:     T. Romo      $18
RB:     A. Peterson  $68
RB:     J. Charles     $23
RB/WR:  M. Barber $13
WR:    M. Austin     $30
WR:    S. Rice         $15
TE:      J. Witten      $11
DEF:   Minn            $1
K:       Longwell      $1

Week 4 bye teams:  Cowboys, Vikings, Cheifs, Bucs
This leaves you $20 to fill your bench.  Also available with Week 4 Byes:  Favre $12, F. Jones $15, D. Bowe $16

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