Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily $200 Fantasy Football Auction team -- Bye week Experiment #5 -- Week 8

Unlike weeks 4-7 that only had 4 teams on a bye, week 8 has 6 bye teams, and it is stacked.  So you will not just be able to pick out the top picks, you will have to have a plan.  You probably can't afford Ray Rice and Michael Turner.  So here is one possibility, with options to the right:

QB:     Joe Flacco     $10         Also available:  M. Ryan $11,
RB:      Ray Rice       $63
RB:      L. McCoy     $20         Also available:  M. Turner $53, M. Forte $24
RB/WR: R. White     $34
WR:      A. Boldin     $22
WR:      D. Jackson   $28        Also available:  S. Smith $19, H. Nicks $18, J. Maclin $13
TE:        T. Gonzalez  $13        Also available:  B. Celek $14
DEF:      Ravens         $1         Also available: Phili $1, Giants $1, Bears $1
K:          Gould            $1

Week 8 bye teams:  Falcons, Ravens, Eagles, Bears, Browns, Giants

This only leaves $8 to fill your bench... but there's some solid names here.

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